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Sep. 18th, 2012

Hunting Tiger


[sticky post] Welcome

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Social justice is pretty complicated. We're here to make it simple.

Nov. 13th, 2012

Hunting Tiger


Pimp This Comm!

To any new members, please help me spread the word about this comm.


Please be careful in your advertising of this comm. The normal avenues of advertising a comm involve basically 'blasting' or mass-advertising within fandom. But for now we want to avoid that, as that will bring in as many trolls and SJWs as people who would genuinely be interested in wankless SJA, and that will kill this comm before it can ever get off the ground.

Sep. 18th, 2012

Hunting Tiger


Anon Post

If you want to post something to the community, but either do not have an account or don't feel comfortable attaching your account name to it, leave it here.

If you are creating a post with HTML in it, please use this code:

[textarea rows="5" cols="40" style="font-family:Arial; font-size:11px;"]
YOUR POST HERE[/textarea]

Just create your post like you would normally post it to the comm yourself, then replace "YOUR POST HERE" in that line of code with the text of your post, HTML included, and copy and paste the whole thing into your comment, and replace [ ] with < >. It should come out looking something like this:

This allows me to just copy and paste your post without needing to put the HTML in myself, saving us both a lot of trouble in the long run.

Comments are screened.
Hunting Tiger


SJ_A Page-A-Mod

Spy any impending wank? Someone forget trigger warnings? Have some serious concerns about someone trolling? Spam?

Anything you spot that needs my urgent attention and isn't a general question about the comm, drop a line (and a link) here.
Hunting Tiger



-be polite, always, no matter how pissed off you are
-no name calling
-no shaming
-no "yelling"
-basically, don't be an asshole

Things To Post to sj_awareness:

  • Questions - if anything ever confuses you, ask by posting to this comm (or the anon post); any questions will be accepted as genuine unless they seem to be actively baiting or cannot possibly serve to educate someone; while I am well aware this will probably lead to some minor trolling, I would much rather have that coupled with an environment in which any question is safe to ask, rather than try to stop all trolling and in the process continue the cycling of shaming people for trying to learn things

  • Meta - emphasis on fandom, but for now anything goes

  • Discussions - hey, there are a lot of things SJAs don't agree on, so maybe this is something we can work towards; alternatively, maybe you saw something somewhere in fandom and would like some other peoples' thoughts and perspectives on it

  • Manifestos - explanations of programs, semantics, terminology, history, ect (particularly appreciated as it provides easy solutions to the common SJW bullying excuse "it's not my job to educate you")

  • Clarifications - hey, sometimes SJ is confusing; if something about it confuses you and you honestly want to know better, post your question

Things NOT Post to sj_awareness:

  • Specific fanworks - unless it's your own or you have the original creator's permission; otherwise, keep questions and discussion to a general sense and fandom trends, or summarize what bugs you about a particular fanwork without linking to the fanwork or getting too specific/obvious about what it is

  • Rants - there are others comms for that, take it over there; this isn't a place to vent anger, but to bring down anger so we can all move forward with civility and like mature adults

  • Arbitrary "reposts" - unless some news article is confusing you or you feel needs discussions, clarification, don't post it; this isn't a place to just "post and comment", there should be an end goal to each post

Rule of Thumb (tl;dr): The post should ask a question or answer one.

Rules of Conduct

  1. No Wank! - yes, this bears repeating. I'll try not to be a tyrant, but the stuff this comm is focused on is very prone to shitstorms, trolling, wank, ect., which means I may need to freeze threads often. Unless there is seriously harmful, triggery material in a post or comment that isn't warned for, I will not delete things, just freeze them.

  2. Use trigger warnings! - I know, a bit meta to ask for trigger warnings in a comm that will probably end up discussing trigger warnings at some point. You don't need to get too specific/detailed when using them here, just try to make sure that if there's a chance someone might get triggered by your comments or post, they can at least brace themselves or know what to avoid. Use the TW tags for posts, and put trigger warnings in the top of your comments or the subject lines when commenting. By that same token...

  3. Mind the warnings. - this is a comm asking for clarifications, discussions of, and questions about many things including trigger warnings. That means that the system isn't perfect and people aren't perfect, and there is a chance someone will miss something. Check the tags on a post carefully for anything that might be problematic. If you have a trigger and recognize something that is a blanket warning for your trigger, please proceed with caution or avoid the post altogether.

For now, anons/anyone can comment. If the wank goes overboard, though, I'll make it registered users only.

Questions, comments? Drop a line here. :)
Hunting Tiger


About Post

social justice: promoting respect and equity upon all people of all minority and majority demographics

SJA: short for social justice activist/activism/awareness - promoting social justice with the specific goal of educating people to be more equitable and respectful of all people regardless of demographic (or, someone who does all this). Best taken as a compliment.

SJW: short for social justice warrior/wanker - someone who uses social justice and social justice activism/awareness to bully, harass, and dogpile people, often over semantic mistakes as much as legitimate offense, refusing to accept apologies or acknowledge mistakes for being just that, and general using SJ(A) to be an asshole. As you can probably tell, it's generally not used as a compliment.

Social justice is complicated. So let's make it simple.Collapse )

Social justice used to be about talking about social issues for the purpose of educating people, identifying problems, and coming up with and sharing solutions.

Let's bring that discussion back. Open, helpful, and moving forward.

And most importantly: without the wank.
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