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social justice: promoting respect and equity upon all people of all minority and majority demographics

SJA: short for social justice activist/activism/awareness - promoting social justice with the specific goal of educating people to be more equitable and respectful of all people regardless of demographic (or, someone who does all this). Best taken as a compliment.

SJW: short for social justice warrior/wanker - someone who uses social justice and social justice activism/awareness to bully, harass, and dogpile people, often over semantic mistakes as much as legitimate offense, refusing to accept apologies or acknowledge mistakes for being just that, and general using SJ(A) to be an asshole. As you can probably tell, it's generally not used as a compliment.

Social justice is complicated, especially when it comes to semantics. It doesn't help that most people grow up with varying degrees of cultural bigotry, and so have no idea what social justice is or how the details work. And that's before you factor in things like geographic and generation gaps - what's insulting to people of one area or age group is a compliment to another.

Fandom used to be pretty open to honest discussion of this stuff, but lately there's been a tendency as of late for SJWs to dogpile people for the tiniest of mistakes, to harass people even after they have apologized and corrected mistakes, and to generally bully people using SJ as their stick of choice.

But it's pretty obvious that's only going to alienate people - allies and relevant minorities alike. People who might help further the over all march towards equality will instead turn away from the cause, and may even veer back into bigotry because of SJW assholery. At the same time, there are legitimate issues, legitimate problems, and all sorts of things which actually need to be addressed.

This community is for the purpose of any and all forms of social justice activism and awareness - from asking questions about why something is or isn't offensive (hey, we all had to start somewhere), clarifying semantic and terminology details, discussing bigotry in general and specific situations (emphasis is on fandom, but RL stuff is okay for now).

If there's a certain fandom situation that could be seen as bigoted (i.e. trope, plot, characterization, ect.), or if you wish to discuss SJ aspects of books, movies, comics, TV shows, ect, bring it here. Sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, triggers, anything - if it's for the purpose of forwarding SJA, and can be done without wank (or done for the purpose of minimizing/eliminating wank), bring it here.

Got a nice manifesto on something? Post it here. Maybe you found a great explanation for a specific problem (i.e. terminology, history, "why is this a problem", ect.), that people can link others to for future reference then post it here - in fact, this is particularly fantastic since a common SJW excuse for bullying people instead of helping them is "it's not my job to educate you".

So long as it's within the rules, anything goes.

Social justice used to be about talking about social issues for the purpose of educating people, identifying problems, and coming up with and sharing solutions.

Let's bring that discussion back. Open, helpful, and moving forward.

And most importantly: without the wank.
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